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Corporate Governance

MCB Registry & Securities Ltd (“MCBRS”) is committed to the highest standard of business integrity, transparency and professionalism in all its activities to ensure that the activities of the company are managed ethically and responsibly to enhance business value for all stakeholders. Good corporate governance practices represent a key pillar of the way in which MCBRS operates and conducts business.

The Board has reviewed and approved the Board Charter, the Organisational Chart, the Job positions and the Statement of Accountabilities of the Company. These documents are monitored regularly and are updated in a timely manner further to any changes in laws, requirements from regulatory bodies or decisions taken by the Board.

The Code of Ethics of MCB Group Ltd, which has been adopted by all the subsidiaries within the group, is monitored and updated by the Remuneration, Corporate Governance and Ethics Committee of MCB Group Ltd on a regular basis.

Board CharterPDF 95KB

Organisation StructurePDF 63KB

Position StatementsPDF 86KB

Statement of Main AccountabilitiesPDF 47KB

Appointment Process of Non Executive DirectorsPDF 78KB

Terms and Conditions of Appointment of DirectorsPDF 84KB

Code of Ethics

Whistle Blowing Policy

Conflict of Interest and Related Party Transactions Policy

Internal Audit Function

IT Security Governance Policy


Profile of DirectorsPDF 50KB

Profile of Company Secretary

Annual Report

MCB Registry & Securities Ltd - Annual Report 2018PDF 3MB