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Fundamental research, active management and internal analysis

Our Philosophy

Our underlying investment philosophy is based strongly on fundamental research and active management, with access to external research from our trading counterparts and business partners and our own internal analysis, we are well placed to deliver on client expectations. We believe in delivering investment performance consistent with our client's risk and return objectives. Through a disciplined approach, the firm endeavours to ensure that risk contained in the portfolio meets the appetite of the underlying investor. Optimising the returns of clients according to their risk profile remains an integral part of our work.

Investment Process

Our investment process has been forged by the experience of the investment team. We are constantly looking for ways to enhance the process which has helped us to consistently grow our assets under management since inception. Detailed fundamental research is the cornerstone of the investment process and the constant monitoring and evaluation of portfolio risk after structural changes and market movements highlights a risk controlled approach in managing client portfolios. Our core skill is in devising, building and delivering portfolios that allow us to meet the needs of our clients.

The firm prides itself on innovation and specialisation. Our goals are completely aligned with those of our clients' - the creation of long-term value. Fund management and advisory services cover domestic and foreign investments in a variety of asset classes. All members of the investment team share their views on markets, trade ideas and portfolio structures. This environment helps ensure that only the ideas that stand up against the team’s rigorous assessment get implemented on client portfolios.


Equity portfolios are managed along various strategies including benchmark tracking, outperforming and, return targeting portfolios.

Our investment style is based on research and active management using a fundamental approach and our approach to managing each of our mandates bears in mind the intricacies and inefficiencies of emerging and frontier markets.

Our partnership with international investment houses with solid track records is in line with our investment philosophy.

Our close relationship with these partners ensures interaction with their investment teams on a regular basis and allows us to have access to proprietary research in our own investment process.

Fixed Income & Currency

Local fixed income portfolio management focuses on sovereign and corporate sectors in fixed and floating rate securities. As the local market is in its infancy, our expertise in analysing credit securities, assessing the appropriate yield compensation for a particular security and the sophisticated risk management tools we have invested in gives us an edge over our competitors. We participate in the primary markets and are working on an initiative to develop the liquidity and transparency in the domestic fixed income market.

We are the pioneer and leading investment management company in Mauritius in the arena of global fixed income and currency portfolios. Our capabilities in this area are on par with our international competitors and our local presence gives us a competitive advantage. Our strength in this field stems from the understanding that fixed income portfolios need to be structured from the perspective of the investor and there is “no one size fits all” approach. Fixed income funds sold in developed markets are not suitable for investors from emerging markets due to the higher inflation in emerging markets and the increased currency risk faced by these investors when putting money into developed countries.

Our fixed income team focuses on local currency, African bond markets as well has G20 fixed income markets. Our flagship offerings from this team include the MCB Fixed Income Fund and the MCB Africa Bond Fund.